Safety Instruction

Safety Instruction for Barbeque Users
  1. Cooking, Grilling, Roasting, Barbequing and any other use of Barbeque is sole Responsibility of Customer, Buyer, and User.
  2. Do not touch, Hold, Lift the Barbeque when Charcoal id Burning inside.
  3. Barbeque is strictly for Out Door Usage, Any type of indoor Usage, is sole Responsibility of Customer, Buyer, and User.
  4. Hot Surface, keep away from children
  5. Kindly read the Recipe Book before Barbequing.
  6. Keep the food contact parts neat and clean to avoid contamination
  7. Light the Charcoal Carefully
  8. Sprinkle the water on charcoal after use and conform No Burning Charcoal.
  9. Rub the Cooking oil on the Charcoal Tray, Side Pattis after Barbequing is over to restrict Further Rusting of the Surfaces.

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