Family BBQ with Hood

The Family BBQ with Hood has been especially designed to trap and release smoke for a culinary and smoky effect. Smoking is indirect heat and makes food tastier.

The hood has two circular vents in its heavy MS body. A knob makes it convenient to move the plate so that a vent may be opened or closed as desired.

When smoke in the right quantity is trapped within, it imparts a delicious taste to the food being cooked. The use of smoke also leads to the nutrients in the food remaining intact apart from a juicier slightly smoked taste getting into the food.

If you love eating smoked chicken, smoked fish, smoked paneer etc the Family BBQ with Hood is your ideal cooking companion.

Technical Details :

BBQ stainless stell grill size - 12 inch by 18 inch

Height of BBQ - 34 inches

MRP : 7750/
Less 10% : 6975/-

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    “Cooking and eating food outdoors makes it taste infinitely better than the same meal prepared and consumed indoors.”
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