The Bucket-BBQ is a ‘chulha-cum-barbecue-cum-campfire’ a sturdy heating and firing apparatus that can be used for cooking and also as a campfire to protect you against extreme cold or wild animals.

It is made of heavy stainless steel food-grade 302G and has two large handles for ease of lifting and installing on its stand.

The sturdy stand is made of heavy SS gauge and has a special locking mechanism at the base to keep it from toppling/collapsing. The stand has four sturdy legs with nut and bolts to hold the bucket barbecue with a nut-and-bolt locking mechanism.

A gate/air-vent that slides up and down is provided at the center of the bucket to give ease of access to the coal burning area.

A thick metal grille/griddle is provided on the top and it can be conveniently used to place a pan/tawa/wok/griddle containing the food items to be cooked.

Technical Details :

Grill size - Round in size and 12 inch diameter

Height of BBQ - 34 inches

MRP : 6545/
Less 10% : 5950/-

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“Cooking and eating food outdoors makes it taste infinitely better than the same meal prepared and consumed indoors.”
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