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“Cooking and eating food outdoors makes it taste infinitely better than the same meal prepared and consumed indoors.”
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About us

The company Utility was established in 2004, fully committed and oriented towards innovating, developing and manufacturing utilitarian household, other convenience products and grilling recipes.
Mr. Dattaprasad Joshi, after working for a number of multinationals for more than fifteen years, founded this company to create products that would make his customers’ lives comfortable and free them from burdens.
Creating and manufacturing futuristic products is the USP (unique selling point) of Utility. Constantly adding and implementing innovative features into existing and upcoming products is Utility’s hallmark.
Utility’s customers crisscrossing the length and breadth of India wholeheartedly endorse the utility and conveniences of functionality in each and every one of its products. Give us a Call Today and Discuss your Barbecue Requirements on 020-25656836, 9921210627, 9689674754

Why Barbecues ?

In our grandmother’s time, food was cooked slowly on charcoal fire, which, apart from being healthy, was rich in taste. While grandmother cooked, we sat around chatting and enjoying the aroma in eager anticipation. Today’s competitive life forces us to survive on fast food eaten in a hurry, which is neither good for our minds nor for our bodies.
Fun & Food with Family & Friends ..
We are users, designers, manufactures & exporters of utilitariantion, household, stationery, cloth drying stand & barbeques.We are established in 2004 with one product and we are now with 18 products. Our passion to BBQ (Barbeque) leads us to design and manufacture these grillers/barbeques in India.
All these barbeques are nearly designed well though and well fabricated, completed with high quality powder coating. All BBQs are detachable, foldable & portable. All nut bolts are galvanized and supplied with spanner.
Product Warranty:  All our products leave the warehouse in perfect condition. Since the brands we represent are the best in the industry, most of them contain comprehensive guarantees. These do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer. Enzo’s Barbeque is a customer centred business. We will take all your problems seriously and always attempt to resolve any problems in mutually beneficial ways. We provide Six Months Guarantee against any manufacturing defects from date of purchase.
1. Powder coating is not covered under warrantee.
2. Cover the Barbeque when not in use; avoid rain and morning dew contact.
3. Price, Technical Specification & Content are subject to Change.

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