The company Utility was established in 2004, fully committed and oriented towards innovating, developing and manufacturing utilitarian household and other convenience products.

Mr. Dattaprasad Joshi, after working for a number of multinationals for more than fifteen years, founded this company to create products that would make his customers’ lives comfortable and free them from burdens.

Creating and manufacturing futuristic products is the USP (unique selling point) of Utility. Constantly adding and implementing innovative features into existing and upcoming products is Utility’s hallmark.

Utility’s customers crisscrossing the length and breadth of India wholeheartedly endorse the utility and conveniences of functionality in each and every one of its products.

Innovative Plastic Household Products

Clothes Drying Stand –

The clothes-stand with two levels of plastic hangers is ideal for drying small and medium sized articles of clothing e.g. innerwear, T-shirts, socks, handkerchiefs, napkins etc.

  • A strong tripod stand acts as a sturdy base preventing it from toppling over.

  • The two levels of plastic hangers can be easily installed as the fitting of the pipes/rods is very simple.

  • When not in use, the entire clothes’ stand can be most conveniently stored in a small cardboard box.

  • This clothes stand is ideal for use in small homes, hotels, hospitals etc for drying babies’ clothes or small articles of clothing.

  • This clothes’ stand is a boon for a house with infants and small children.

  • On this clothes’ stand, up to 90 articles of an infant’s clothing can be easily and conveniently hung to dry.

  • This clothes’ stand is light and can easily be picked up in its installed state with wet clothes on it and taken from one place to another.


Clothes Drying Stand for Large Clothes

  • This clothes’ stand can be easily erected for use and dismantled when not required for long-term storage.
  • This clothes’ stand has two levels – the upper one for small articles of clothing and the lower one for large articles of clothing on hangers.
  • The upper section can easily hold 16 small articles of clothing.
  • The lower section can hold 12 large articles of clothing on hangers spread over three rods holding four metal/plastic/wooden hangers each.
  • Large articles of clothing such as ladies’ Punjabi suits, sarees, gents’ suits and shirts/trousers can be easily hung on the lower level to dry.
  • Please note that hangers are not supplied with this stand.

Clothes Drying Stand on a Pulley

  • The Clothes Drying Stand on a Pulley is a highly innovative system that can be easily installed at a comfortable and accessible height in any room.
  • It is a simple device that can be fitted and installed using a pulley over which a good length of nylon rope is extended and has umbrella type hangers opening below. The system can be easily installed by simply fixing a pulley to the ceiling. By virtue of the pulley’s mechanism, this system is easily operated.
  • After the system goes up, the remaining length of the rope can be tied to an adjacent window or to any other attachment.
  • There are 16 hangers on which small and medium sized articles of clothing can be easily hung to dry. These plastic hangers are durable and can easily hold the weight of wet clothes. The Pulley Clothes Stand is ideal for drying lingerie and other small clothes indoors.
  • When you have a small house and do not wish to dry underclothes is public, the Clothes Drying Stand on a Pulley enables you to achieve privacy with convenience.

Innovative Kitchen Products

  • The Utility Swipe is a convenient method to wipe away any excess liquid from a hard surface.
  • Made of high quality rubber and plastic, a handle holds a long piece of hard rubber that easily cleans and wipes off excess water or any other liquid from a hard surface.
  • The PVC construction assures you of a perfect swipe with not a single drop remaining to be wiped off.

Utility Pegs

  • These pegs made of high quality plastic have great tensile strength.
  • These pegs can be easily fixed on to clothes to hold them from falling off from a clothesline.
  • These pegs can also be used to hold paper sheets so that the sheets don’t fly off.
  • Another important use of these pegs is on open polythene food packets so that the contents within remain fresh for longer periods, especially in refrigerators.
  • Seamless, single-piece construction without any joint assures you of durability and a long life. No pins are used making these plastic pegs totally safe and hygienic.

Scrubber or “Ghasni”

  • The multipurpose scrubber or ‘ghasni’ as it is locally known, is a sturdy nylon scrubber that removes stubborn dirt from clothes, especially from those areas that cannot be easily reached e.g. collars, arm-joints and button-holes.
  • The ‘ghasni’ comes with a tough handle on top making it easy to hold and rub vigorously and hard on any flat surface.
  • The high quality nylon used does not have sharp bristles and so your expensive branded clothes are under no risk of being damaged.

Innovative Convenience Products

White-board Stand

  • The white-board stand is a convenient display sign-board stand for presenting and conveying information.
  • A sturdy tripod stand acts as a strong base insuring that the board does not topple over.
  • The spine of the board-stand is made of oven-baked strong MS with a mechanism to hold the display board within two slots.
  • The adjustable height of the board makes it convenient to hold boards of small, medium or large sizes.

Painting Easel Stand

  • The Painting Easel Stand is a strong board/easel mounted on a tripod stand.
  • The tripod stand made of durable material can be easily folded and carried from one place to another.
  • The easel is mounted once the tripod base is opened and the spine erected after fixing it into the slot.
  • The Painting Easel Stand is ideal for a painter to mount his easel to begin painting. It is also a convenient display stand to exhibit finished paintings.

Flower Pot/Herbal Stand

  • The Flower Pot Stand or Herbal Plant Stand is an innovative piece of plastic engineering.
  • Four horizontal metal bars of equal length are conveniently held by two vertical metal bars of equal height.
  • Flower/herbal plant pots can be placed using plastic holders with rings. The pots are made of high quality durable plastic and their outer rims are firmly held in the rings with a smaller diameter to hold the pots. These pots can be moved and fixed at any spot on any of the horizontal bars.
  • Attractive color combinations of the plastic pieces make the whole stand look brilliantly colourful and attractive.

Innovative Kitchen Trolley

  • The Innovative Kitchen Trolley with three shelves can be used in small or large kitchens with comfort and ease.
  • The lowest tray/shelf is a fixed one with uniform-height walls made of MS pipes on all four sides and provides easy access for removal or storage of vegetables, fruit, onions, potatoes, garlic etc.
  • The middle and higher-level shelves have sloping walls for convenient insertion/removal of the user’s hands for keeping/removing items. A comfortable gap between the three shelves insures they are at a roomy distance from each other.
  • The upper two trays/shelves are fixed into notches on the stand’s frame behind and both can be easily detached and fixed back whenever required. This leads to great convenience in cleaning the trays/shelves for the sake of hygiene. 
  • The Innovative Kitchen Trolley can also be custom made as per a client’s requirements and technical specifications.

Innovative Outdoor/Garden Products

The Startu Barbecue

  • A wonderful piece of engineering, the Startu is a seamless heavy metal unit with no joints and no nuts/screws/bolts.
  • Its portability makes it easy to carry wherever you want to take it and can comfortably and conveniently cook for two.
  • The Startu has a strong mesh to firmly hold cooking ingredients. It also has a handle and three skewers.
  • It has a sliding tray at the base with vents for even distribution of air to provide uniform heating.
  • Startu’s helicopter legs impart it a sleek ultramodern appearance making you reach great heights of cooking and culinary pleasures.

BBQ Picnic

  • The BBQ Picnic is a creative piece of engineering that makes it convenient to be used to cook for 4-5 individuals.
  • Two shelves have been provided for you to choose whether you want your items lower nearer the flame or higher at a distance from it.
  • There is a sliding tray to collect the ashes at the base with vents for even distribution of air to provide uniform heating. A lifting mechanism makes it easy to pick the metal tray from off the main cooking area.
  • Two sturdy handles make it easy to carry and place it on a flat surface in a garden/open area/camping site and hence the name “Picnic”.

BBQ Picnic BigBro

  • The Picnic BigBro, as the name suggests, is a big barbecue and can cook for 6 persons at a time.
  • It has an arrangement for 6 skewers to cook more food at a time.
  • The Picnic BigBro is double the size of BBQ Picnic.
  • Two shelves have been provided for you to choose whether you want your items lower nearer the flame or higher at a distance from it.
  • There is a sliding tray to collect the ashes at the base with vents for even distribution of air to provide uniform heating. A lifting mechanism makes it easy to pick the metal tray from off the main cooking area.
  • Two sturdy handles make it easy to carry and place it on a flat surface in a garden/open area/camping site and hence the name “Picnic”.

Big Family BBQ

  • The Big Family BBQ is a big barbecue unit that can prepare food for up to 12 people.
  • This unit is mounted on a firm folding stand. The stand’s specially shaped and designed legs insure that it is collapse-resistant. This sturdy stand can take a weight of 20 kg without any problem.
  • The Big Family BBQ cooks delicious food and its height is perfectly convenient for putting in and removing foodstuff (veg/non-veg) to be cooked.
  • It has a sliding ash-tray to dispose off all residual ash formed after the burning process of the coal is over.
  • After use, the portable stand can be folded and stored before its next use. The Big Family BBQ can also be easily lifted and kept in any convenient location.

Family BBQ with Hood

  • The Family BBQ with Hood has been especially designed to trap and release smoke for a culinary and smoky effect. Smoking is indirect heat and makes food tastier.
  • The hood has two circular vents in its heavy MS body. A knob makes it convenient to move the plate so that a vent may be opened or closed as desired.
  • When smoke in the right quantity is trapped within, it imparts a delicious taste to the food being cooked. The use of smoke also leads to the nutrients in the food remaining intact apart from a juicier slightly smoked taste getting into the food.
  • If you love eating smoked chicken, smoked fish, smoked paneer etc the Family BBQ with Hood is your ideal cooking companion.

BBQ Party

  • The BBQ Party can be used to cook for 30-35 people at a time.
  • You can use 7 skewers to put veg/non-veg items or you can use its grilling mechanism.
  • The BBQ Party has a larger coal-burning area with a provision of two shelves. You can therefore accordingly choose the ideal height from the fire to get the taste that you like in your food.
  • The BBQ Party can be mounted on a folding stand that easily holds the main Barbecue unit. The folding stand, without nuts/screws/bolts, is made of heavy gauge and can hold a weight of up to 20 kg without any problem. The stand’s specially shaped and designed legs insure that it is collapse-resistant.


  • The Bucket-BBQ is a ‘chulha-cum-barbecue-cum-campfire’ a sturdy heating and firing apparatus that can be used for cooking and also as a campfire to protect you against extreme cold or wild animals.
  • It is made of heavy stainless steel food-grade 302G and has two large handles for ease of lifting and installing on its stand.
  • The sturdy stand is made of heavy SS gauge and has a special locking mechanism at the base to keep it from toppling/collapsing. The stand has four sturdy legs with nut and bolts to hold the bucket barbecue with a nut-and-bolt locking mechanism.
  • A gate/air-vent that slides up and down is provided at the center of the bucket to give ease of access to the coal burning area.
  • A thick metal grille/griddle is provided on the top and it can be conveniently used to place a pan/tawa/wok/griddle containing the food items to be cooked.


  • The Fish-holder is a clever device that holds a whole fish for hygienic and full-piece cooking, grilling and barbecuing.
  • The Fish-holder is made of food grade stainless steel and hinges on it make it convenient for opening and closing to make the placement and removing of a whole fish extremely easy.
  • A long handle makes it safe and convenient to hold the Fish-holder over a coal-fire from a safe distance.


  • The Coal-burner is a special heavy metal container that can hold and burn coal before the heated coal is put into any barbecue.
  • The heavy round container is made of thick heat-resistant MS with a heavy gauge and is provided with a long wooden handle at a comfortable distance keeping the holder safely away from the burning area.
  • There are vents at the base of the Coal-burner to let out excess steam/smoke once a fire inside the Coal-burner is lit.

Veg Griller

  • The Veg Griller is a perforated heavy rectangular tray with high sidewalls. The walls flare outwards and are also perforated for letting heat in.
  • A short handle at one end and a longer one at its opposite end provide for ease of lifting and placing on the source of the heat generally a coal-fire.
  • Made of thick stainless steel, the Veg Griller ascertains that all kinds of vegetables get cooked perfectly.
  • You can easily cook groundnuts, green peas, cut and diced vegetables and even whole leafy vegetables as well as papads and mushrooms. 


  • These skewers are made of stainless steel rods and provided with wooden handles to give you a solid and firm grip and help to hold the food item securely over the coal-fire for barbecuing.

Butter-basting Brush

  • The butter-basting Brush is a brush with a long handle that can be used to apply butter on food items while they are being barbecued.
  • A long thick aluminum rod holds the food-grade nylon bristles of the brush at one end making it convenient to apply butter from a safe distance.

Long-handled Tongs

  • These long-handled Tongs are made of thick stainless steel and have specially shaped ends to pick up cooked and heated food pieces and items.
  • The extra length of these tongs keeps the holder at a safe distance from the heat and fire. The holder can conveniently pick up pieces of burnt coal, food items and other material safely.

Long Fork

  • The Long Fork is made of stainless steel and is so designed that it can easily pick up small pieces of food items from a distance.
  • Made of stainless steel, the entire body of this Long Fork is heat-resistant and keeps the holder well protected from the heat and fire in the barbecue.
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