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BBQ Party with Wood

The BBQ Party  with Hood can be used to cook for 30-35 people at a time.

You can use 7 skewers to put veg/non-veg items or you can use its grilling mechanism.

The BBQ Party  with Hood has a larger coal-burning area with a provision of two shelves. You can therefore accordingly choose the ideal height from the fire to get the taste that you like in your food.

The BBQ Party  with Hood can be mounted on a folding stand that easily holds the main Barbecue unit. The folding stand, without nuts/screws/bolts, is made of heavy gauge and can hold a weight of up to 20 kg without any problem. The stand’s specially shaped and designed legs insure that it is collapse-resistant.

Technical Details :

BBQ stainless steel grill size - 12 inch by 24 inches

Bbq height - 36 inches.

MRP - 6750/-


“Cooking and eating food outdoors makes it taste infinitely better than the same meal prepared and consumed indoors.”
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